Refractories for Glass Furnaces

We supply complete refractories for glass tank furnaces including burner blocks, bottom blocks, paving bricks, arch blocks, channel blocks, jargal blocks and spout bowls. We assembly full glass tank furnace.

AZS refractories are the main refractory materials for glass furnaces and we supply complete AZS (alumina-zirconia-silica) refractories for glass melting furnaces. AZS refractory is the ideal refractory materials for glass furnace because it supports the aggressive conditions during processing of liquid glass. We supply complete AZS refractories for glass furnaces.

  • Fused Cast AZS Bricks & Blocks
  • Zircon Mullite Bricks
  • Fused Mullite Bricks
  • Silimanite Blocks
  • Andalusite Blocks
  • Fused Silica Bricks
  • Magnesite Bricks
  • Magnesite Checkers
  • Silica Insulation Bricks
  • Mullite Light Weight Insulation Bricks
  • Bubble Alumina Insulation Bricks

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