Ceramic Manufacturing Industry

Ceramic products are manufactured from non-metallic compounds and made permanent by a heat treatment process. Ceramic products can be manufactured as glazed or unglazed, porous or vitrified.

General types of ceramic products are wall and floor tiles, household ceramics, sanitaryware and technical ceramics.

Refractory Products for Ceramic Manufacturing Industry

  • High Alumina Brick
  • Magnesia Brick
  • Alumina-Chrome Brick
  • Fireclay Brick
  • Low Cement Castable
  • Insulating Firebrick
  • Magnesia Chrome Brick
  • Magnesia Chrome Mortar
  • Magnesia Chrome Gunning Mix
  • Magnesia Chrome Ram Mix
  • Magnesia Chrome Castable
  • Refractory Plastics
  • Air-Setting Alumina Chrome Mortar
  • Air-Setting Fireclay Mortar
  • Air-Setting High Alumina Mortar

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