Glass & Glaze Industry

Our refractory products are mainly refractory materials for glass and glaze industry. We supply complete refractories for glass and glaze industry for more than 40 years in all around the world.

Glass industries consist of container glass, flat glass, tableware glass, lighting glass and fiber glass. Major sector in glass industry is container glass, then flat glass. Container glass products are bottles, jars, etc. Flat glass is used for windows and facades for buildings, windscreens and windows for transport, and solar panels, but also in many other applications such as furniture, electronics, etc.

We supply refractory products for;

  • Container Glass Furnaces
  • Flat Glass Furnaces
  • Tableware Glass Furnaces
  • Lighting Glass Furnaces
  • Fiber Glass Furnaces
  • Glaze Furnaces
  • Frit Furnaces

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