Ceramic Fiber Boards

Ceramic fiber boards are high performance insulation products manufactured from ceramic fiber and binders, with unique shot removing and vacuum forming process, provide excellent high temperature stability, extra low thermal conductivity, high compressive strength.


  • Cement building industry, kiln back lining-thermal insulation
  • Ceramic industry-lining of various kilns for thermal insulation
  • Petrochemical and metallurgy industries- back linings, wall linings,and ling thermal insulation
  • Glass kiln lining and back lining thermal insulation
  • Heat treatment furnace kiln back lining thermal insulation
  • Aluminium factories-reduction cell firebricks back linings
  • High temperature reaction, heating device-wall lining and back linings
  • Industrial furnace wall lining and bricking-up insulation layer
  • Heat insulation, fire proof and sound insulation of aerospace, ship building industry


  • Low thermal conductivity
  • Excellent heat insulation
  • Excellent chemical stability
  • Shock and chemical attack resistant
  • Low thermal conductivity and shrinkage
  • Low shrinkage under high temperature
  • Excellent sound insulation and resistance of folding

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