Cement & Lime Industry

For building durable structures, cement and concrete have been used for quite long time by means of special binding properties of cement. Manufacturing of cement always needs refractory materials.

We supply many kinds of refractory materials for cement and lime plants in all around the world. Our refractory products are used in parts of cement plants such as inlet cone, inlet zone, burning zone, safety zone, upper transition zone, lower transition zone, cooling zone and nose ring.

Refractory Products for Cement & Lime Industry

  • High Alumina Brick
  • Chamotte Brick
  • Magnesia Spinel Brick
  • High Alumina Castable
  • Air Setting Mortar
  • Air-Setting Fireclay Mortar
  • Low Cement Gunning Mix
  • Insulating Gunning Mix
  • Zirconia Mullite Castable
  • Insulating Castable
  • Low-Cement Castable
  • Plastic Refractory
  • Heat-Setting Mortar

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