Iron & Steel Industry

Iron & Steel industry is the largest sector that consumes refractory materials in the world. We supply complete refractories for iron and steel foundries and many kinds of refractory materials for other process of industry.

Our main refractory products for iron & steel industries are high alumina and firecaly bricks, low cement castables and low cement gunning mixes.

Refractory Products for Iron & Steel Industry

  • Fireclay Bricks
  • High Alumina Bricks
  • Low Cement Castables
  • Low Cement Gunning Mixes
  • High Alumina Castables
  • Aluminum Magnesia Castable
  • Insert Nozzle
  • Direct Bonded Magnesia Chromite Bricks
  • Fused Rebonded Magnesia Chromite Bricks
  • Magnesia Chromite Bricks
  • Magnesia-Carbon Bricks
  • Monoblock Stopper
  • Dry Ramming Mix

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